Singing Lessons & Coaching

Private Singing Lessons in Melbourne and on Zoom 

singinglessons and coaching

When your voice functions well and you know you’re sounding great it’s a very powerful feeling.

On the flip side – when things are not working well you need help, and I’m here to help you.

I have been working with singers for over 20 years using contemporary singing techniques and coaching tools. 

My students get the results that they are looking for – and they are all different! – look at the “epiphanies!”

You know that your voice is important and I would love to be a part of your next step to greatness. It will be worth it.


Whether you're looking for a quick vocal tune up or a full course of vocal training, I am here to help you realise your potential.

Some clients are looking for a quick check in between gigs and tours. Others are looking for long term training and advice. With the addition of my coaching skills we can tailor lessons and consultations to the needs of your voice and the goals that YOU want to attain. 

Extended session 1. 5 hrs (Getting to know you)

Vocal consult. No ties, footloose and fancy free!   

Ongoing Lessons (planning to hang around) 5 and 10 lesson programs available.

*If you are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID please ask about my Covid-19 pricing structure5 

singing COACHING &workshops

Lisa uses coaching methods (NLP and Hypnosis) and frameworks to overcome barriers and get to places that you WANT to go both creatively and professionally.

Professional and semi-professional singers have unique challenges. Having worked with artists at all levels of their careers, Lisa has developed an intuitive approach to help singers uncover their potential.

Coaching, as opposed to teaching allows students to explore in ways that traditional singing lessons would not allow. A good coach doesn’t play the game. A good coach cheers from the sideline while you are kicking goals.

Coaching Program
Right 2 Sing

A coaching program for professional singers focusing on roadblocks, mindset, recovery and creativity.


S*** Singers Say

Topical discussion, robust debate, compassionate dialogue, deep challenges.  

4-weeks (group sessions)

real epiphanies