Techniques and Philosophy

Lessons available via remote learning on Zoom or Skype. In person lessons available in line with government guidelines.


The techniques used during lessons have been developed to handle the fierce demands placed on performers of contemporary singing.

My long term background with Speech Level Singing technique continues to influence how I teach, but since my departure from the organisation I have had the rich and wonderful opportunity to study other techniques including: CoreSinging (Dr Meribeth Dayme), Somatic Voicework (Jeanie Lovetri) and a variety of other courses including teacher training with Vocal Process (Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher).

Students also benefit greatly from my love of psychology and coaching. In 2021 I will embark on my Masters in performance coaching to further evolve my teaching practice.

Want to know more about the techniques I’ve studied? Read more by clicking on the links:  SLS, CoreSinging, Somatic Voicework

We think therefore we sing

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken! – Oscar Wilde

What we think, and our emotional state plays a huge part in how we sound and function vocally. Vocal function and our psychological state are inseparable – what we think about our singing will ultimately be our singing.

A teacher’s job is not only to impart knowledge and skills, but draw out the talent that already exists within the student. Empowering them to overcome fear and find their own path to express what they are meant to express.

Mastery and Mystery

When your voice functions well and you know you’re sounding great it’s a very powerful feeling.

If you become masterful at how you use your voice through well tailored voice exercises, body awareness, knowledge of vocal function, and commitment to practice, you provide a solid foundation for singing. I call this “mastery”, and it is something that is acquired and developed by the input of the teacher and the dedication of the student. But this is not the complete picture… there has to be space for the invitation to “mystery”, the stuff we can’t quite quantify or put our finger on. 

This is ultimately the thing that will set one voice apart from another – the soul intent of a singer. To unlock this takes more risk than mastery because it requires vulnerability and honesty, and a willingness to risk and share. This can be unlocked from coaching, philosophy, acceptance, awareness and the gradual letting go of ego.

With mastery and mystery you will be empowered to thrive no matter what hurdles may come your way. You will develop a sense of empowerment to sing and perform that reflects who you are and how you want to express. You will become an “Empowered Artist”

Without the input of the following people I could not be the teacher that I am. With gratitude:

real epiphanies

Paris Wells

Lisa made sure my voice was intact for big tours. Lisa was a huge part of my vocal development!

Clare Bowditch

I have to be honest; I’m not big on “formal voice training”, however, in the midst of a theatre production when I found myself struggling with an ongoing sore throat, someone suggested I might be able to pick up a few ‘technique’ tips from Lisa Perks. Three lessons later, I’d discovered a brand new octave and a new comfort with my high range that I didn’t even know existed. Not bad, huh!

Chelsea Plumley

Lisa is very simply, a fantastic teacher! Her technical knowledge, willingness to dig into the ‘problem’ areas and easy manner make a winning combination. Lisa has expanded my voice beyond what it could previously do. I can’t wait for my lesson each week. I am a HUGE fan of Speech Level Singing and Lisa is an impeccable teacher of the methodology.

Rahel Phillips

In only a few months I have a totally new relationship with my voice! I use to feel trapped by my vocal capabilities. Since working with Lisa every session brings a breakthrough moment, leaving me with practical tools to use and helpful mentalities to adopt to singing freely and from the heart!

Adam Kleist

Lisa is an extraordinary teacher. She has increased my vocal range and control. In addition her guidance, expertise and positivity have helped me to achieve confidence as a song writer which is now resulting in exciting opportunities within the industry. I cant emphasise enough what an amazing teacher Lisa is.

Kane Alexander

Lisa is an incredible singing teacher! Her knowledge of the human voice, her caring and expertise helps you bring out your best. That’s why I have been learning from her for more than 10 years. We’ve made a lot of progress and that allows me to preserve my voice and sing easily.